Monday, October 22, 2007

My apologies to those of you who were creeped out by the picture in my previous post. But seriously, how can you have something like that happen to you and not document? It absolutely had to be done. And, to ease any concerned persons, my eyes have since returned to their typical state of symmetry. All is well.

Periodically, one sees unusual sights here in Abilene, Texas. Just the other day, Megan and I were on one of our typical Bueno runs, when there in the Taco Bueno parking lot we laid eyes upon a motorcycle painted like a cow. Also, there was a stuffed cow strapped on back. I think we both realized what we were seeing at exactly the same time, because the conversation just kind of halted as we took a moment to take it all in. Megan quickly turned to me, and I knew exactly what she was waiting for. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on me this time. Normally, I carry my camera in my purse at all times, for just this kind of situation. I have a small collection of photos documenting a variety of odd and humorous sights we have run across while out and about in Abilene. My current thought is that some day, when we both break free from the bonds of Abilene, we can compile our snapshots into a coffee table book honoring the... we'll call it uniqueness of Abilene and the surrounding towns. I feel it absolutely necessary to allow inclusions from towns other than Abilene as well, because I would feel completely wrong not including the picture of the dinosaur skeleton made of car parts which Charles and I encountered in Stamford on the way to my family reunion this summer. We actually turned the car around and drove back in order to capture that one. I feel this project will be a good one. Stayed tuned.

Today I was made aware of a fact which shocked and astounded me: Charles does not like hot chocolate!! How could I have remained oblivious to this fact for so many months? Who doesn't like hot chocolate? Especially the way Megan and I drink it, with marshmallows and a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream mixed in? It seems downright wrong! Apparently, Charles revealed this little tidbit of information to Megan earlier today, and asked her if she thought I might call off the wedding because of it. I'll admit I was almost speechless when I found out, but I haven't changed my mind about marrying him. He has plenty of amazing traits that offset this one shortcoming. Besides, if I give up now, there's no hope of conversion!! :) Also, I am completely in love with him. I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with. I am one happy, incredibly blessed girl.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well, today I went back the eye doctor to deal with the issue of my contacts. Turns out, the prescription I am accustomed to actually allows me to see better than 20/20, so when my new eye doctor wrote my new prescription so I could see 20/20, my eyes weren't getting what they were used to. Basically, my eyes are spoiled. He went ahead and bumped my prescription up a little, but he said he wants to gradually work it down to where I'm just at 20/20, because it will be healthier for my eyes. Who knew my over-achieving tendencies were affecting my eyesight too!?!

Also, while I was at the eye doctor, he dilated my eyes, since I really couldn't remember the last time I had had this done. Apparently my left eye responded really well to the dilating drops, while my right eye decided to be a bit stubborn. Here, let me show you what I mean.

Anyone else find that slightly creepy? Needless to say, my vision is just a bit off in that left eye at the moment. I'm just hoping nothing happens that takes me to the emergency room or anything, because if I were to come across someone looking like me right now, I'd be suspecting some serious neurological compromise. Eek!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Exciting news! Our engagement pictures are up!! Hooray for Hannah and her awesome photography skills, as well as insane efficiency! She's the greatest! You can check them out at Just click on the folder called Charles and Brooke Engagement. Now we just face the incredibly overwhelming task of going through all 308 pictures and picking out which ones we want! Good luck to us!!

For the record, Beauty and the Beast was absolutely fantastic!! It was the Disney version, which of course is the best way to go, and all the music and sets and cosutmes were amazing. Way to go McMurry for putting on a thoroughly enjoyable show. It was so hard for me not to sing along. But, I managed to save the sing along for the car ride home. :) Probably one of my favorite aspects was the fact that the guy playing Gaston looked very much like David, Charles' brother, with a little hint of my friend Chris. It made me smile every time he was on stage.

Megan and I are currently watching The Family Stone, and it is making me wish it was Christmas so badly! I love Christmas time. The decorations and the food and the family and the Christmas carols and everything. I just love everything about it! Only 2 1/2 months to go!! And, even more exciting, only 3 months after Christmas I get to marry the love of my life!! Hooray! Life is good. :)

Well, Charles and I had our engagement pictures taken yesterday. I thought it was pretty fun. I think Charles mostly enjoyed it, but he was also pretty tired and hungry, so we were working to fight off the crankiness. :) Chili's afterwards definitely helped. Hannah should be sending me a link to her website where we can look at them sometime this weekened, so I'll keep you posted.

I got new contacts yesterday also. Apparently the old kind I have been wearing since I was 13 have been depriving my eyeballs of oxygen, so my eyes are now growing blood vessels where blood vessels should not grow. A little creepy. The only problem is, I don't think they're the right strength. I don't like looking at the world from a fuzzy point of view. I'm going to try them again today and see if it's any better, but it looks like I may be back to wearing glasses until I can go back to the eye doctor on Thursday. Boo.

Tonight Charles is taking me to see Beauty and the Beast at McMurry. This weekend is their homecoming and that is their homecoming musical this year. I am excited. I love Beauty and the Beast! And, I love Charles! And, I love that he loves me enough to take me to see musicals based on Disney movies! I think I'm a pretty lucky girl.