Monday, November 24, 2008

Well, much has changed since my last post. We did end up making the offer on the house I talked about, but it ended up not working out. We knew the offer we made would likely not be accepted, but the counter-offer they came up with didn't seem good to us, so we just left it. Charles wasn't too crazy about the work that the house would require, and it really wouldn't be fair to make a major purchase like that when we both weren't really excited about it. Besides, there were some questionable issues with the house that might have turned out more than we wanted to deal with. Anyway, I am not at all upset about it, which tells me it wasn't the house for us.

So, since we decided to move on from that house, we went looking at houses again this weekend. This time, we found a house we both fell in love with. We ended up taking the parents to look at it with us again on Sunday, and they all granted their approval as well. However, while we were at the house, another real estate agent showed up with some other clients who had also brought their parents to look at the house. It turned out that the guy looking at the house recognized Charles' dad from back when he played high school golf, and they ended up chatting for a minute. During the brief conversation, we learned that he and his wife had already made an offer on the house the previous day. I was kind of disappointed when I found that out, but we decided to go ahead and make an offer anyway. Then, today after we made our offer, we found out that a total of 12 or so people all made offers on the same house! Apparently a lot of people have good taste! So, we had to put in the best possible offer we could make, and they will take all of them and pick the one they want. Stressful! All of the offers have to be in by 5pm tomorrow, so maybe we will hear something Wednesday. I kind of hope we hear something by then, because then it's Thanksgiving and we would probably have to wait all weekend before getting any news. I obviously hope things work out for us, but I also know that if they don't, it's because God has something else planned for us. I just want to know!

On a lighter note, Charles and I bought our first Christmas tree this week. We put him up on Saturday. His name is Rocky, because he is a Rockingham Spruce, or something like that. My Dad tells me I am silly for giving names to inanimate objects, but I really find life is so much more fun when things have names. I also had a miniature Christmas tree from my college days, which I put in our bedroom. Charles asked if we could call him Junior, and of course I agreed! How wonderful to be married to someone who not only tolerates my silliness, but joins me in it! I love him!!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good news: The chicken casserole turned out to be edible. Tasty, even. In fact, I just had some leftovers about 10 minutes ago, and it was still good the second time around. This is especially good to know, since I have approximately another 5 or 6 servings of it in my freezer as we speak.

Even better news: I passed my pediatric certification exam!! I can now proudly bear the title of Brooke Nobles, RN, BSN, CPN. Fancy schmancy. I am pretty excited about that. The test was pretty hard, but I guess the studying and review class paid off. Yay! Also, Michelle, my friend from Abilene who came and stayed with me for the test, passed her test as well. So yay for her too!

On a side note, Charles and I have decided to go ahead and make an offer on the unloved house. We're throwing out an offer way below what they're asking for, so who knows what will come of it, but it is still exciting! I want to be the one to give it some much needed TLC. Also, I am so ready to be done with apartment living. And poor Emmy needs a backyard to call her own. Luckily she has amazing doggy-grandparents who share their backyards with her, but it will be so much better when all we have to do is open the door and let her out. She's not so much a fan of riding in the car all the time... We shall see!