Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today when I went to work I forgot to bring my retainer case. This didn't prove to be problematic until it came time for me to eat my daily dose of strawberry PopTarts with icing and rainbow sprinkles. (No better way to start the day!) I realized that I had no where to store my retainers while I ate, and I warned my coworkers that they would have to endure a few moments of looking at the slimy things, though I did try to hide them as best I could in a paper towel. Lesley, our wonderful, amazing nursing clerk, would have none of it. Not because she was grossed out or anything, but because she didn't want me to accidently throw away my $200 orthodontic appliances. Her solution? To call down to central supply and request a denture cup. A DENTURE CUP! How weird do you think the central supply person must have thought we were when we requested a denture cup be sent to the pediatric unit? But, I must say, it served its purpose well. My retainers lived there all day, wonderfully sheltered from any ills that may have otherwise befallen them. Thank you Lesley.

Also, I have this annoying sore on the very tip of my tongue that sprung up sometime around lunchtime today. It hurts and it bugs me and I hope it goes away soon. The end.