Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today we put up the Christmas tree. Hooray! However, it turns out our Christmas tree is much more ginormous than I realized. I guess I didn't really notice when we had it in our apartment last year because we set it up kind of between the living area and dining area, and it was never really in the way of anything. It wasn't until I looked at the box the other day that I realized it has a circumference of 58 inches. In case you missed it, that's almost 5 feet around! Holy cow! So, in all my nerdiness, I busted out the graph paper floorplan of the living room I made when we moved in, and all the perfectly to-scale graph paper cutouts of our living room furniture, and tried to figure out a place to put such a massive tree. The only reasonable option that did not involve completely rearranging every piece of furniture in the room, or completely obstructing neccessary walkways, was to temporarily relocate Charles' beloved recliner to the guest room. And so, because I have a fabulous, wonderful husband who loves me very much, he graciously moved the recliner (which first had to be disassembled so it would fit through the hallway) out of the living room to make space for Rocky (that's what we named the Christmas tree. For an explanation, see last year's Christmas post). And so the tree now stands, all glowing and adorned and Christmasy. And though it could very easily be argued that the scale of the tree is much too large for the room, it makes me happy. Next time we buy a house, we will just have to be more conscious of picking one that has a living room large enough to accomodate our full-figured foliage.


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