Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy late Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! Mine was fabulous. I had to work on Thanksgiving day, which was slightly upsetting, but I ended up sending both of my patients home and leaving at around 1:00pm, so it was't too bad. (Is it sad that instead of putting 1:00pm I really wanted to put 1300? This is what nursing is doing to me...) Because of my unfriendly work schedule, Thankgiving was held at my house this year. It was a fun time. Bryan and Amber brought their poodle, Angel, with them, so Emmy got to meet her cousin. I'm not sure if they even acknowledged each other's existence. Oh well. At least they didn't try to eat each other. We had lots of good food and good times with the fam. It was a successful holiday!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

boo for dental procedures. i went to the dentist today for what i thought would be an initial exam, and came home with gauze in my mouth and 2 teeth missing. i've always heard people talk about how weird it is to only be able to feel half of your mouth, but wow. this is insane. the dental assistant was sitting there talking to me while the anesthetic took effect, and it was like one second i could talk just fine, and a minute later the right side of my face was gone. oh, and i also apparently have a cavity. i've never had a cavity before. i was always so proud of that fact. i guess that's what i get for being so proud. all of this dental work is in preparation for braces. yes, braces. 28 months worth of braces. this is me being very much not excited about that fact. but hopefully the end result will be worth it. please just don't make fun of me to my face. i'll be feeling self conscious enough as it is...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hello, blog world! I have missed you!

So this past weekend Megan and I had a pretty fantastic weekend in College Station, complete with soundtrack. The trip down there was pretty great in itself. Car sing alongs pretty much can't be beat. And we had a great time being bipolar fans once we got there. Friday night we decked out in Aggie gear and went to the midnight yell at Kyle Field and pretended like we knew all the yells. We kept up the A&M loyalty until game time on Saturday night, when we donned the OU Boomer Sooner apparel. The game was pretty amazing. Well, really, the game itself wasn't all that exciting, but the experience was awesome. Those Aggies are insane. Almost cult-like. I loved it. AND, I officially watched my first football game. Paid attention and everything! Who knew football could actually be fun to watch? And yay for OU for winning by one point. It was all because of our support, I'm sure. And hooray for Jon-Michael and Allison for being incredibly entertaining hosts.

Aside from being completely insane, life is great. I got a surprise visitor at work yesterday, which was pretty exciting. There's nothing like a friendly face to brighten up a crazy day. There might be some other excitement in my life right now, but I'm going to wait till I figure it out a little more to discuss that... I'm so mean, I know!

47 days till Christmas!!!