Monday, December 24, 2007

I have been getting in trouble for not updating this thing, so here is my attempt at redemption. As it turns out, Charles and I will not be moving back to Arlington just yet. At the last minute, the job he was counting on fell through, so we will be in Abilene for at least one more semester. My contract at Hendrick goes through May, and we'll see what God has in store for us after that. I hope everyone is having a very Merry Christmas! Perhaps I will update more later. Love to all!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So it is beginning to look pretty likely that Charles is going to be employed in Arlington beginning in January. Nothing is 100% certain yet, but we have reason to be pretty confident about it. This is a pretty huge development, which is going to lead to some significant changes in the very near future. We are both very excited and nervous at the same time. I can assure you there are a lot of prayers going up right now that God will show us his plan and get us through this potential transition smoothly. Feel free to send up an extra prayer for us if you have a moment! Thanks!