Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today I went to the orthodontist to discuss the fact that my teeth don't close. Looks like braces/surgery/both may be in my future. Not exciting. I go back next week to get some x-rays and molds of my teeth, and we'll go from there. I almost think I'd rather just have surgery. Braces at age 22? Not desirable. But we'll see...

I feel I have been lax in my blog updating as of late. I apologize. Life has been a bit busy lately. But things are good. My new car is fabulous. If I ever remember to charge my camera, I'll take some pictures of it. Emma Lea was robbed of her womanhood last week, but seems to be taking the loss well. Work is pretty good. We had a kid die on the floor last weekend, so that was pretty rough. I wasn't there when it happened, and never actually saw the kid, but everyone was pretty torn up about it. We're used to seeing them come in to get better and go home. No one likes to see it go the other way. Looks like Brandon and I will be making a quick trip to Arlington this weekend to visit the padres. It will be nice to have a traveling companion this time. That drive is beyond boring.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How grown up am I? I just worked out a deal on a new car! It will be delivered on Friday. I'm so excited!! Pictures to follow soon!!

(So much for the time without car payments...oh well.)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good news: the gray cloud that was hovering over me when I last posted seems to have lifted and drifted. I've had a good week. The weekend in Arlington was fabulous. (Minus a small plumbing incident that occured in the wee hours of Sunday morning. But let's not go there now.) Things in Abilene are looking up too. Megan and I have begun walking on a regular basis. At least once a day, sometimes twice. This means that on the days I work, we pull ourselves out of bed at 5:30am to make a lap around the track at ACU. I know. Who knew it was possible to get anything worthwhile accomplished at such an ungodly hour? As it turns out, there is a whole little community of early morning walkers and joggers. And quite a friendly community it is. Everyone says hi as they pass. How so many people can manage to be awake and pleasant so early is beyond my comprehension. There is one couple in particular we especially look forward to seeing on our morning strolls. They have this little weiner dog that they bring with them as they walk. It's hysterical. His little legs are so short. I have no clue how he manages to keep up. One morning they came up behind us, and as they approached the man shouted, "Weiner dog coming in on the left!" It was the highlight of my morning. Megan and I are convinced that the poor dog is going to be walked to death one of these days. They'll be strolling along, minding their business, and all of the sudden the little guy will just fall over. It will be a sad day, I'm sure.

Another high point of my week occurred Friday afternoon, when I paid off my car. Hooray!! I'm casually shopping for something new, but I'm not in too much of a rush to replace that monthly payment. Maybe I'll just enjoy having a little extra money in the bank for a bit.

Friday night we had girls' night at Lauren's house. Always a good time. 10 girls + jewelry + candy + Friend's Scene It = good times for all.

Tonight Megan and I went to church at Hope Church of Christ. Lauren invited us a few weeks ago, but tonight was the first time we were able to make it. I definitely enjoyed it. It's a newer church, and it's quite a bit smaller than what I'm used to, but everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly. The speaker was excellent, and there was a meal afterwards. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I think we'll go back.

So hooray for a good week. And here's hoping this week will be just as great.