Sunday, September 30, 2007

hello all. so it has been quite some time since i have posted anything here. i think about 2 people care. and so, for those 2 people, an update:

wedding plans are coming along. the dress is ordered, the photographer is booked, the invitations have been picked out, decorations are in the works. oh, and the honeymoon is booked! hooray for a day in new orleans followed by a cruise to mexico! i am enjoying the whole wedding-planning process, but i am definitely ready for the wedding to get here so i can be married!!

work is a little bit crazy at the moment. winter has definitely hit as far as the patient census is concerned. we went from having 4-5 patients to having 10-12 patients in like a week! we are surviving so far, but we are in pretty serious need of some more staff. if anyone knows of any pediatric nurses looking for a place to go, send them our way! night shift is really having a tough time. i think they lost about half their staff in past month or 2. it should make for an interesting next few months...

sad news. the pink room is now officially history. the little bathroom off the laundry room is now about 3 times its original size, and our beatiful hot pink den is now a bedroom painted the same khaki shade as the rest of the bedrooms in the house. it's actually a pretty nice bedroom with it's own private bathroom. too bad we don't have a roommate to live in it.

i have recently become addicted to the office. probably one of the funniest shows i have ever seen. i failed in my efforts to watch all of the first 3 seasons before season 4 premiered this past thursday, but i did watch enough to fully appreciate the fact that jim and pam are finally dating!! hooray! charles and i have been watching the earlier seasons pretty much all the time. we are about half way through season 2 at this point. it's fantastic. it almost makes me wish i worked in an office setting, but only if i could work with someone like dwight k. schrute.

i have decided that i want to become a person who enjoys running. i think it would be good for me. the only problem is, i currently hate running. how do i convert? i guess the best way is to just start. charles said he will go running with me. good luck to us. i hope he doesn't leave me behind.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hello readers! I thought you all might like to know that Charles and I have changed the date of our wedding. The new date to save is March 15, 2008. Only 193 days away!!